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  cmake 0ae96064 1 day Tobias Ellinghaus Don't use GnomeKeyring >= 3.12.0 They broke th...
  data 9c59f549 16 days Ulrich Pegelow vignette: reconsider previous fix. it's general...
  doc 6a49d4c3 1 day Ulrich Pegelow usermanual: update on geotagging panel thanks t...
  packaging 4a7a5a69 about 1 month Igor Kuzmin OSX packaging: minor change to make-app-bundle
  po 189bd06a 13 days Richard Levitte [l10n] Swedish update
  src 51a51b3b about 7 hours Pascal de Bruijn colorout: rename misleading high_quality_proces...
  tools e309fda9 8 days Jérémy Rosen lua : add enum preferences these will appear a...
.clang-format 1.24 KB 49951375 11 months Tobias Ellinghaus Add formatting definition for clang-format Thi...
.dir-locals.el 94 Bytes db7d1b0a over 1 year Richard Levitte A cleaner, although magical, code formatting so...
.gitignore 124 Bytes fca8596c about 1 month Roman Lebedev Ignore KDevelop project files E.g.: .kdev4/ an...
CMakeLists.txt 11.1 KB 1fab41df 2 months Dmitry Ashkadov cmake: Fix version determination: run git from ... 2.28 KB 7d192e7c about 2 years Jérémy Rosen correct a link to where we want to point it
RELEASE_NOTES 830 Bytes 5ba08fa4 8 months Johannes Hanika release: empty release notes. 4.99 KB 15ebf416 6 months Tobias Ellinghaus cmake: Drop obsolete EXPERIMENTAL and LEGACY fl...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
51a51b3b 09/02/2014 07:19 PM Pascal de Bruijn

colorout: rename misleading high_quality_processing const to force_lcms2

our code already has a real high_quality_processing config property,
using an identical variable for something entirely different is
highly confusing and potentially misleading.

6a49d4c3 09/01/2014 08:19 PM Ulrich Pegelow

usermanual: update on geotagging panel thanks to Rudolf Martin

e28ebe69 09/01/2014 06:35 PM Tobias Ellinghaus

Fix CID 1233591: Misplaced #ifdef

0ae96064 09/01/2014 04:04 PM Tobias Ellinghaus

Don't use GnomeKeyring >= 3.12.0

They broke their API by deprecating the shit out of it and I don't feel
like cleaning up behind them. Merging libsecret support should be the
real fix.

6414ce31 08/28/2014 10:32 PM Ulrich Pegelow

usermanual: fix for #10079

33e6c74f 08/28/2014 10:28 PM Ulrich Pegelow

usermanual: new extended section on geotagging thanks to Rudolf Martin

f9b8f0c6 08/27/2014 12:14 AM Roman Lebedev

Redo error checking logic for stat()

Reimplements 7cca3bc9326ac3a56d1c70af29fc81939ca37b70

c6ec500e 08/26/2014 08:54 PM Pascal de Bruijn

exif: disable draconic dmc-gh2 workaround (#10074)

ef3eabfe 08/26/2014 06:18 PM Tobias Ellinghaus

Merge pull request #667 from VictorLamoine/master

Update French translation of usermanual

f6273d55 08/26/2014 12:44 PM Michel Leblond

Update French translation of usermanual
Proof-read till "Velvia and Channel mixer" modules.

Translate in all the manual
lightness = clarté (of a reflective object)
brightness = luminosité (of a light source object)
luminance = clarté

To be consistent with French darktable's GUI I translate "core options" as "fonctionnement" in all the usermanual...

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